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Initial Assessment

Free Initial Assessment

I always start with a free assessment of the reasons why you are considering private tutoring, what the issues are and how the difficulties experienced by the learner can best be overcome.

The initial assessment provides the opportunity to meet each other and to discuss your concerns. The meeting will help you decide if home tutoring is the right approach and whether you believe I am the tutor best suited to your needs.

Preparing for the meeting

For the meeting you will need to provide examples of coursework for me to inspect: notebooks, homework assignments and so on. This will give me a very good idea of the material that has been covered, how well it has been done and how well the student is able to express him or herself.

Examples of coursework will enable me to evaluate written skills, accuracy of description and quality of presentation. It will also reveal how thoroughly the subject material has been covered, how suitable the notes are for revision and highlight weaknesses that need to be addressed.

During the assessment I will need to meet the student to determine how well we communicate and, from this, gauge the student's level of interest and self-motivation. This is an essential step because I will be making a commitment to helping, supporting and guiding the student; the student will be making a genuine commitment always to try their best.

Also during the initial meeting you will be shown original copies of:

  • subject qualifications
  • teaching qualifications
  • Extended Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check

Beyond the initial meeting there is no obligation to go further - leaving you free to decide whether home tutoring is the way forward or not.