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Lesson Length

Tutoring sessions are intensive and the student will have much to think about and learn. Sessions can be quite tiring, especially after school or in the evening after work. More frequent, shorter lessons are far better than fewer, extended sessions.

Single / double lessons

If tutoring is scheduled to take place during the day (for example school holidays or weekends) longer periods might be more appropriate. For younger learners a single 1 hour lesson is recommended; for older and mature students, up to 2 hours can be arranged.

Special requirements

If you have any special requirements over and above those listed here we will do our best to accommodate. You can use the enquiry / contact form to enquire about your requirements.

Lesson timing

Please note that lessons can overrun by as much as 10 minutes on occasions but no charge will be made for any additional time required. Additional time helps ensure that lessons are not rushed and finish on a positive note. For this reason you should add about 20 minutes to the end of each lesson before scheduling other events.